About Us 


We all bare the battle wounds of life.  Some wounds are visible, external, while some dwell within.  We believe these scars, defined as "marks left by the healing of injuries" are badges of honor of our unique and personal journeys.  In a plastic, computer generated world, these scars are to be celebrated, elevated to the status of the sacred.  These are symbols of our resilience, our perseverance, the road signs on the map of our lives.  We believe we have infused this philosophy in each piece within this collection.  They are carved by hand, unique with imperfections.  They are symbols of faith manifested in many ways, from nature to religion, to the ancient, to simplicity.  We hope that you can find a symbol in the collection that you can identify with and make your own.  We hope these pieces inspire you to embrace your Sacred Scars for what they truly are, your personal perfections.